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This community is to publish your creative web project already identified the needed or problem of people and internet that you solve the problem with technology. Apply your projects, then with our team we carry out your creative web project to the next level to you earn experience and money.

Coronavirus (Building)
This tool is to keep informed about how much people are infected, death and healed about coronavirus to take a decision about take care, business or investment. For example with statistical we can predict if we our investment can be injured or what decision can take our Country's government.
UUID Generator V1 AND V2
UUID (GUID) generator Online Tool is a tool to create universal unique identifier. It can be used for different scenario like update manually your database putting the ids or pass these ids to track something.
What is my ip (Soon)
What is my ip is a tool to find the ip from your home or where you stay connected to the network, and have other tool to localize the place and information owner by ip. It has difference use case, one it can be to use to block it when use other tool like analytic, hotjar u other tool that you want to block to notr track you ip, and other use case is when you want to know in what country or region is the ip.
UTM Generator (Soon)
UTM generator is a tool to help you create a tracked link dynamically, this tool has concept that people who dont know about UTM can learn quickly to create their link with this tool.